A basic objective in the SiS Catalyst project was to encourage more science and research organisations to recognise young people as a group with whom you can, and should, have dialogue with. Fundamental to this is equipping young people to be able not just to articulate their experiences through mechanisms such as bespoke sessions like What We Recommend, but to capture these throughout the learning journey. Tools are needed that enable young people to build their own narrative of success that then gives substance to the dialogue they can then have with institutions. Such tools should recognise individual developments and in particular ‘non-formal’ learning experiences.

The ‘AHA Album’ is an eye-catching booklet suitable for children aged 7-13 years. It aims to capture those ‘Aha’ moments when children realise change in both what they understand and what they know. They are also able to describe the actors, institutions or environments who helped create these moments through their learning journey.

Children are encouraged to share this information with peers, relatives and those organising the programmes. This can be done either in a direct and personal way by exchanging the gathered information and/or passing back the entire album to the issuing organisation. A website has been built where these ‘Aha’ moments are captured, contributing to the development of the collective narrative of children led change.