The children as change agents agenda is an unashamedly ambitious one. It requires fundamental change, not the tinkering around at the edges that characterises much of what passes for educational reform. But to achieve this change takes a whole series of smaller steps. There is no big bang solution. The SiS Catalyst policy seminar series was an attempt to develop a model that could move us along the road of change. The aim was to bring policy makers together with a range of other stakeholders to develop a shared agenda. The thread running through the ecosystem that SiS Catalyst laid the foundations for was that impact can only be achieved collectively and this requires a shared agenda to work from. The policy seminars were an explicit attempt to build this agenda at the strategic level.

SiS Catalyst delivered policy seminars in 8 different countries testing different ways to bring stakeholders together, in particular implementing seminars as stand-alone events or as an annex to other bigger events. Using this experience, a set of guidelines was produced to aid others in planning, implementing and evaluating their own policy seminars.