Best Unlimited Internet SIM Card In Germany 2022 Guide

We all know that in the present, it’s nearly difficult to survive without internet. The mobile internet is becoming more vital. In this article we will review your choices for the most reliable internet access SIM cards in Germany.

You may need one to keep in touch via social media, or to watch your favourite YouTube videos while taking the train to work or even call your family and friends home using WhatsApp as well as Facetime.

Which SIM Card Is Best For Internet In Germany?

To find the most suitable SIM card to access the internet in Germany We must take a look at the coverage of all three German mobile networks. When we look at the reception of phone calls in addition to internet connectivity on mobile devices, Telekom ranks 1, Vodafone ranks 2 while Telefonica (O2) places 3rd.

The tests that are conducted annually by Connect Magazine each year reveal the fact that Deutsche Telekom still offers the highest mobile internet signal However, Telefonica along with Vodafone are on the verge of catching up. The most effective SIM card to access unlimited internet access in Germany is dependent depending on where you live and how much time you spend.

Although Telekom is still the top choice for internet service, it is far from the outskirts of major cities in Germany, Vodafone and Telefonica have risen to the top in major cities across Germany and Vodafone across all other regions as well.

To determine which 4G or even 5G network is the most suitable for your area, reside, it is best to check the availability for each provider in advance using your postal address.

Which SIM Has Unlimited Data Plan In Germany?

The three companies mentioned above offer unlimited data plans. Below, we take a comprehensive overview of our unlimited Internet sim cards available in Germany and Austria, as well as an unlimited text and call phone plan.

We’ll present you with old-fashioned postpaid mobile phone plans, where you’ll need to give the details of your bank account as well as prepay versions that you can top up with various payment options. If you already have an existing German mobile phone number that you do not want to lose it is easy to transfer it to any or the plans with unlimited.

1. O2

Source: O2 translated by Google

O2 provides the lowest unlimited plan for data in Germany beginning at 2999 dollars per month. In reality, O2 has three different unlimited data plans available. They are different in terms of speed of upload and download.

Source: O2 translated by Google

O2 Free Unlimited Basic

The most affordable unlimited data plan is available in Germany at just 2999 euros per month on 24 months. Users can browse the internet using LTE (4G) or 5G speed when they are available. speeds of up to 2 Mbit/s for download and upload speeds of 1 Mbit/s. This allows users to browse the internet and make use of WhatsApp and stream YouTube Videos in Standard Definition (SD).

O2 Free Unlimited Smart

The O2 Free Unlimited Smart plan will increase the bandwidth to 10 Mbit/s download , and five megabits of upload. This is sufficient for gaming as well as streaming high Definition (HD) or hold calls. It is priced at 39,99 euros per month for a plan with a 24 month duration.

O2 Free Unlimited Max

The Max tariff lets you enjoy the maximum speed that is possible on the O2 network, with speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s download speeds and 50 Mbit/s uploads. It is priced at 59,99 euros per month for a contract of 2 years.

The three plans are offered with an Flex option that relieves of the obligation to pay for a 24-month period. Instead, you can opt to cancel every month. This option costs 5 euros more per plan.

Get Your O2 Unlimited Data Plan

2. Vodafone

Vodafone provides a data plan at an unbeatable price of 79,99 euros per month for an agreement of 24 months.

Vodafone Red XL Unlimited

It’s the fastest internet access for mobile phones available. Speeds for downloading can reach 500 Mbit/s, while upload speeds as high as 100 Mbit/s on 5G and the Vodafone LTE or 5G networks.

Get Your Vodafone Unlimited Data Plan

3. Deutsche Telekom

Telekom offers an unlimited data SIM choice available but it is only available as a postpaid contract or prepay SIM. As with all networks, Telekom justifies having the top cell network, by charging more of 84,95 euros exact for the 24 month postpaid contract.

Telekom MagentaMobil XL & Telekom MagentaMobil Prepaid Max

Telekom customers are able to use the LTE and 5G networks that can download speeds as high as 300 Mbit/s as well as upload speeds as high as 50 Mbit/s using the prepaid and postpaid option. Furthermore all Telekom hotspots inside Germany can be included within the rates.

The postpaid version has an initial connection fee that is 39.95 euros, in line with all providers, the basic package for the prepaid version is priced at 99,95 euros, but it also comes with an amount of 100 euros. There is the option to end the prepaid plan every day.

Get Your Telekom Unlimited Data Plan

4. Edeka Smart

In in 2020 Edeka is, like Lidl and Aldi is now part of the telecom market as a third-party reseller. Edeka however, is the only one to offer an unlimited plan when using their pre-paid SIM cards. Edeka is a reseller for the Telekom network and therefore is directly in concurrence with Deutsche Telekom, especially since it offers almost the same plan, however it is five euros less expensive than Telekom.

Edeka Smart Kombi MAX

The Edeka Smart kombi MAX is basically an identical model to that of Telekom MagentaMobil Prepaid Max. It provides the same upload and download speed of 300 and 50 Mbits. However, it is the only difference is LTE speed. 5G is not offered. Instead, it costs four weeks of 94,95 euros as well as the one-time fee for connection is 95,50 euros to be credited as an account balance.

Get Your Edeka Smart Unlimited Data Plan

Like every mobile phone contract in Germany You will have proof of your identity via video or in person at the Post office in your area.

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